The Background and history

The name itself came from a strange twist in events. I was searching for a name and made a whole list of them. Shattered Memories was right away thrown out for my cousin thought it sounded sad. I was almost at the point of giving up. I gave it a few weeks on trying to think of a new one. However, when it came to choosing a name, I was only able to remember Shattered Memories.

Sometimes it is hard for me to remember on what my main reason was for getting this domain. I do remember one reason, though. It happen when I moved to a new town. I was just a junior in High School when my parents brought the news down on me. Most of my sites were hosted at Geocities and they weren't even sites like the ones I have now. One, which happens to be still up, was just somewhere for me to show off an interest in fantasy. The other was just a plain waste of my time.

After graduating and starting college, my interest in webdesigning started to rise. A couple of sites were open, one being a graphic site and then following my first online journal. I rather stay off that path for there was trouble on it and I will still never understand what happen.

Anyways, I was attending college for a year and a half when I finally became majorly interested in wanting my own domain. I don't rememember the first place I was hosted at, but it was relatively cheap. I do remember a huge rain storm flooding most of my town. That is was first day I got my laptop computer and bought the hosting package and domain.

The domain was purchased on October 13, 2004 from Namecheap, and is hosted by Surpass Hosting.

Credits where they belong

There are usually no titles for my designs here at the collective. All images are credited to their correct owners, and if I am using a series from either anime, manga, or gaming, I am no way affiliated with them. No copyright infringement intended. This site was created using Adobe Photoshop and coded in Notepad.